Thursday, 31 August 2017

Today he met my ummi!!!
I am so excited like super excited
Even though we were both are very nervous before that

So the story goes like
I was planning to just stay in Shah Alam during AidilAdha 
Because I got no bus ticket
-- Serve me right for not buying the ticket a month before raya

So he said he would send me to my house
Because he doesn't want me to be left alone in Shah Alam for 5 days

So yeah, he come all the way to Terengganu 
Just to send me home
Even though he lives in Kuantan which was even nearer from our starting point
I mean, it would take him less hours on the highway if he just drop me somewhere and then just go home
But he was willing to send me home with an additional 4 hours on the road
And he also got backpain
-- Bae I am soo sorry

OMG I was soooo moved
I can feel his sincerity
I am happy that ummi like him too
So maybe this is another step for us?

Like it is a miracle to be an important someone to my 10-years long crush.

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