Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Pretty Girls and Hygiene

Urgh I really don't want to label and stereotype people
But what else can I do
Benda ni biasa sangat jadi

Girls, pretty girls...
Nak keluar you took almost 1 hour to finish your make-up
Tapi flush toilet pun you tak reti
And then pinggan dalam singki pun tunggu berhari-hari nak basuh
Baju? For what purposes do you need to rendam lama-lama and then terus jemur like can't you smell bau hapak tu?
Lepas guna dapur tak lap, seriusly?

First few times you did that
I still can consider
I lap that dapur yang u pakai
I tolong rinse your baju
And I basuh pinggan mangkuk yang u tinggal dalam singki

But until when girl?
I feel like my nice intention - you took it for granted

Duduk ramai-ramai as housemates
We all pay the same fees
So we share the same responsibility
Your action reflects everything lah
I've been wondering how it looks like in your household girl

Keluar make-up kemain tebal
With all those brushes and what-so-ever
But just because lelaki out there don't know how you behave
So you just turn to your real self lah kat rumah?

And your friend yang tumpang rumah tu
We are already nice enough to give her a place to stay without paying a single cent
And not ranting to the landlord
The least you could do as someone who is menumpang
Is keep your barang so tak bersepah dalam rumah tu
Stoking yang dah pakai berhari-hari
The place shouldn't be in the living room
Pinggan dah guna please basuh
Guna barangan eletrik, dah guna please tutup
And flush la toilet lepas guna wahai si cantik

Sekarang aku confuse
Aku ke kau yang menumpang

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