Thursday, 3 August 2017

People Just Don't Get It

People just don't get it when I say I don't want an early marriage
I guess it takes a lot to understand that huh?

Frankly speaking, I think marriage is an obstacle for me to achieve my dream
You see
I was someone who was born for something great
I know that
I can see the signs everywhere
And I'm not that type who is just satisfied with being "OK, this is enough"

That doesn't mean that I am not grateful with my life
But it just so me to always feel like I should do better
It is always better than best

I have a dream
I am a girl born to be queen, and not a princess
I have responsibilities more than most people
People have high hopes on me
I did disappointed them several times
I don't want it to happen again

I don't want to be just a good wife and  a mother
I want to be an amazing wife and mother and a daughter , an even greater sister
That one woman who have great achievement in life
But ever greater at home as a housewife and a mom

It is still a long way
I don't want marriage to be a burden to me
And slowing my pace to my destination
Because I know I was born for something greater
I am thinking about my future
And my beloved's too
Sometime you have to sacrifice a lot

People like Dr Iffa really inspired me
My Ummi also
Big names like DS Zeti Akhtar Aziz
these kind of people
Is the one I look up for
They are the definition of amazing people

I really hope that people will understand
That my purpose of life is not just limited to live happily ever after
I aint no blindly follow the flow of what fate has stored for me
It  is more than that

Because I believe that we can change our own destiny
Everyone was born to be great
It takes a lot of courage and effort and sacrifice to make that happen
And I want to be one of em people

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