Monday, 14 August 2017

OMG my ex-crush dah kawen last week
And their punya wedding is so simple but I really love the theme colour
Like so cantiks
His wife is so pretty

Since we got some mutual friends (me and his wife)
Selalu la jugak tengok dia punya IG updates naik kat IG explore
She's so modest and nice
And really got a nice smile

Even pun come from wealthy family
She's so humble
And she's the sister and sister in law of two famous Muslimah Fashion designer kt Malaysia (kalau mention for sure uolls kenal)
No wonder wedding dress letups kebabow gituu. 
I really like her even though she doesn't know me well
They are a match made from heaven

Pastu baca kat komen rupanya dorang dah together since Form 2
Panjang nya jodoh.
So sweet weh~~~

Told bae about this and bae know I used to have a crush on him 
SO he buat muka masa I cerita tu

Also Told bae yang depa tu dah since 2007
KIta kalau ada jodoh panjang pun leh buat since 2007 jugak

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