Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Feel like changing my blog URL
This one kinda childish

But my official name was taken so

Should I just keep this one?
People cant find me with this url so I can rant how much I like

Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Hi, so I just got an interesting yet upsetting information
Someone have been posing as me in the internet
And keep posting nonsense posts

Let me make it clear
This is the only blog I had where I let go of my feeling and creativity
My artworks
And there's none other than that

I forgive you, whoever violating my personal information
But please stop using my name to spread damages
Imagine if it was you who are in my place

This is a total nonsense

However, I am going to admit my part of mistake of exposing my own personal data which leads to this issue.
And I think I learnt the hard way to be more careful with my own information exposure

Again, I want to clarify
This is my only personal blog
(minus the previous ones which i had forgot my passwords)

If you have a grudge against someone
And happened to know that I got some history with who ever they are
Please stop !
and show yourself as who you are
instead of using me as an avatar
(This is not the first time)

I'm living my life happily right now
And focusing on my works and dream
Just so you know I have more to do than dealing with bullshits

And to think logically
Why would I do that when I'm leading a better life?
Come to your sense thank you.

So please, comply when I'm still being nice to you
Because the comeback will never be pretty.

Thank you.

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