Friday, 13 January 2017


When I turned around
I saw that I came farther than I thought
I was alone and I suddenly got afraid
When I saw myself
I didn’t know I was exhausted
I was lonely and I suddenly got afraid

"You’re doing a good job"
When I get confused, I tell myself that and just go
Be yourself, know yourself
I practiced about several thousand times
Being in despair once or twice is child’s play now
Opportunities are always ways to get up from moments of crisis, you know
Going on a trip to heaven? Hurry and pack your carrier

Don’t stop, there’s still a lot to do
Look at the photo of your parents, providing for you

You’re the mirror to your younger siblings, you’re the star of your family
Only when you cut back on your sleep, can they peacefully sleep
Hey you idiot, don’t make it obvious
Be strong, I know you’re lonely
But you need to get through it, are you crying? Be a man
Stop crying and take responsibility once more

I used to say this like a habit
That I always believe in myself
That I have no worthy opponent
But enemy was in my mirror
Maybe I lost my reasoning in this continued fight
I killed myself, even my mom is careful with me

Receiving the interest of the public
Living inside a CCTV
I only crazily dug one well
But I was afraid that could become my grave

Dad, if you’re looking at me, tell me the answer
I’m too young and soft to become an adult
I still don’t know how
It hurts too much to just crash into things
Now I know, it’s too late to foolishly whip
There are still too many unhealed wounds

When I didn’t wanna see anything
The reason I forced my eyes to open wide
Is because I was just scared
It’s because I was suddenly scared
When I didn’t wanna say anything
The reason I raised my voice
There is no other reason
It’s because I’m afraid, I’m afraid

- Mino, Taeyang

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