Sunday, 20 November 2016

It's not you. It's me

People says they don't understand me
Me neither

They say I am weird for rejecting such a guy like you
But I guess they just can't understand me

I mean not every girl would prefer a tall (I am just 3/5 of your height), handsome, charming and everyone knows you were born in a wealthy family
Like spending every holiday kat benua Europe
Of course you  anak orang kaya kan
Plus, I stalked your IG out of curiosity
And yeah, I decided that you are at a level unreachable by me

To be honest, I am also surprised with myself 
I mean, which girl would refuse someone like you?
I admit that you have almost what a girl want in you
Also physically tall dark and handsome ..Hidung mancung meh ahahahah and sangat caring
And I realise I just can't

I just feel like avoiding you everytime we bump into each other at uni
And I rejected everytime you asked me for lunch
And when you offer to send me to college by your car
And everytime you show me affection
And I always pretending to not having my phone with me when you called
I am not affected
I wonder why
Maybe it was never meant for us both

Some people says
I refuses you because I am that kind of woman who hates it when people think I depend to much on guys
Tambah lagi you are a guys who can get everything you want
Prince Charming, 
It is not that
Yeah I am that kind of person
But that's not it
I just know that's not the reason
But I don't know the real reason

Maybe juga sebab I think 'being with anak orang kaya is too much for me, tak sama darjat, how will your family think of me?'
Even though I never knew them that well, I think I was influenced by drama melayu ahahhaha
And I saw your only sibs, your sister
She's too pretty and I guess I only look like cekodok next to her and your mom look so young and beautiful
So I guess I am discouraged by that

You are so kind
You consoled me when I cried during my VIVA because I was so stressed out
You offer me company when you see that I am down
You make me laugh when I don;t feel like it
But it still feels empty

I don;t know what you see in me
All I know is you deserved better

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