Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Me & Make-Up Oh

Me & Make-Up
  1.  I dont do or use make up on normal days, only on big occasions
  2.  By not doing make-up I mean no trimming my eyebrows and not even wearing eye-liner or foundation or compact powder or whatever girls do that it takes em 2 hours to get ready. Blergh.
  3.  I only use lipbalm when going out
  4.  My boyfriend thinks i am pretty (Maybe because he love me sincerely) the way I am
  5.  I think make-up is a form of art but nahh I am good not learning this branch of arts
  6.  I hate it when girls put a tons of make up and then snap a picture with a caption "Puberty hits me like a truck" and I'll be Like "Nah, that is just the fake version of you"
  7. I don't really use that many cosmetic product so when people ask me about my skin i think it is just because I don't let it tainted by make-up or cosmetic products (which is high in chemical elements) on daily basis.
  8. I find it weird for girls to trim their eyebrows and draw it again. WHY?
  9. I understand that everyone wants to be pretty but the standard is actually set by WHO?
  10. I find it not attractive at all to wear bold-coloured eyeshadow such as green or blue or striking yellow. Like HOW DO YOU EVEN THINK THAT LOOKS GOOD? except yeah you are runway model - I honestly think this is not suitable for your wedding at all, so girls pls
  11. But again-- What do I know about make-up right? So you don't have to take my words seriously.

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