Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Hi. Just want to tell that I'm revamping this blog. I still keep my previous posts here just because it will be a pity to delete it. At least for me , =)

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

It is not on Gender Streotype

Yang biasa baca kat twitter
"Girls, elakkan jatuh cinta dengan boyfriend orang"
Boleh jugak jadi
"Boys elakkan jatuh cinta dengan girlfriend org"
Apa kau ingat lelaki ni takde kategori perampas ke. LEL

Yang biasa baca kat twitter
"Boys, bila jumpa girls yang lagi cantik janganlah tinggalkan girlfriend kau yang dulu"
Boleh jugak jadi
"Girls, bila jumpa laki lagi kaya janganlah tinggalkan boyfriend kau yang dulu"
Apa kau ingat perempuan ni tak boleh curang ke. LOL

Yang biasa baca kat twitter
"Lelaki kalau nak break bagi ayat -Awak terlalu sempurna untuk saya, saya tak baik bagi awak-"
Boleh jugak jadi
"Girls kalau nak break bagi ayat -Awak terlalu sempurna untuk saya, saya tak baik bagi awak-"
Apa kau ingat perempuan ni semua ada akal ke. LALA

Conclusion, jangan streotype sangat kat gender.
People do what they want to atas sebab masing-masing yang memanfaatkan diri sendiri
Sebab tu macam-macam alasan dicipta when everything doesn't goes in their way
Semua ni atas individu, bukan takde lelaki setia perempuan curang
Ada jugak lelaki materialistik dan ada jugak perempuan beuaty-listik (ok word ni aku reka)

This is a world where when you are not preying, then you become the prey
So, don't blame anything on gender streotype
People do what they wanna do because they wanna do it.
Takde kaitan pasal gender ok.


Sunday, 7 August 2016

I cannot decide which one is even more pathetic
SO you decide

First, when someone you never know all your life and even when you try to recall her name in your memories you still cannot remember who the freaking girl she was and then she  actually left hate comments on your post as if you were talking about her but you actually are being emotional after watching a melodrama on TV with a cliche plot line


The said girl actually comment on your last year post which mean she stalked you all the way there and the only thing I can think about is "Serius lah budak ni tak kerja or tak belajar ke sampai takde benda dah nak buat?"


How to deal with keyboard warrior?
Or someone yang mudah perasan camni?
Pretend they didn't exist
They probably just want some attention

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Perasan ni penyakit keturunan ke?
Gedik pun eh?
Patut la perangai depa sama
Kuat perasan
Like sape je ada masa nak amek tahu pasal life uolls duh?
Kenapa uolls rasa orang kisah sangat pasal uolls ni
When people doesn't even aware of your invisible existence

Stop making us LOL-ing so hard
People ada life lain and takde masa nak amik tau pasal uolls
So kenapa perasan sangat?

Dan they declared themselves as gedik
So that one aint on me

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