Monday, 6 May 2013

Does It Really Need A Title...?

Hi there...Err...Is there even someone who reads this right now?Hmm... Yes?No?Maybe?Never Mind...I'll just writes whatever...

Hi...Again...Hmmm...So what should i say?Introduction? Uh Yeah an introduction.

Well, i originally wanna post this dribble early this year...On 1st january 2013. As celebrating a cliche event : Opening a new chapter of my life... Cliche isn't it... I knew it already so there's no need to remind me of that... Hrmm well...It's already mid-year but because i keep unnecessarily 'modifying' this so-called blog of mine, i delayed this opening message for half a year...Is it considered as a procrastination? (I don't think so, it is just a minor delay right...?)

I think i put my thought too much about perfection that it doesn't turn out well... Everytime i come across other people's blog, i always have this kind of thought :- "Woah... Her/his blog is great. I should do something better." Well it's always like that, that i forgot to be just me and do something that i'm occupied with. I mean... my ability, my limits. 

Thinking about that, now here i am, being simple and average (another word is : LAME or in a harsh way: BORING...) . Exactly how i am in real life. Glad that i am being me... Ho-ho-ho...
I am a blogger, since 2 years ago. But like a nomad, i always change my blogs. Until now i have around 5-6 blogs... excluding another blogs which i forgot the passwords or emails etc. Yeah i know that i don't really have a fixed state of mind (how do we say that? sorry, my vocab are limited... HEy! but at least i'm trying)!... Don't tell me that. 

I'm here to write everything in my mind that is much annoying to certain people's liking... well, we can't ever satisfy everybody in this world... i am just an ordinary human... sorry that i also have flaws (why did i ever say sorry?)... i can never be perfect... But you too... Hrmm.. if you don't like this, just peacefully walk away from this page... i will bless your journey.. keke(^^,) ... Just L.I.P - Leave in peace okay!

I'm writing because i like to write... it just some kind of satisfaction that some people wouldn't understand... not everything can be expressed orally... sometimes... just words written means much more... everyone have various preference and i am this kind of girl... who doesn't know.. how to expresses myself... in front of the crowd... they'll say I'ma happy person... smiling, laughing and joking all the time.... but my sorrows, no one even knows... and i can never find a way to release all the burden i hold for as long as i can remember... They know me as a person without any worries... but who i really am... it's only me to know and that's for no one to find out... am i being hypocrite? yeah... i am being dishonest towards myself... but what can i do... 19 years of living... i learn that trusting everyone else is not an easy deal... so do being a trusted person... as long as i live the only soul i can trust is no one but myself... that's what I’ve learn from my own stories. I'm dedicating this blog to myself and whoever typical person that have the same feeling and experiencing the same life as me... 

Being a teenager is the hardest.(Even though i'm approaching adults' age now). I've already forget my past, but writing it back one by one... doesn't mean that i want to recall it back and hurt myself once again... it's just for me to know... despite all things I’ve been through... I’m still here... Smiling and brings laughter to everyone (the things i always love to do)... and just a simple obstacle in life won't ever block my way and holds me back from keep walking until i reach the end of my life journey... 

Call me Izzati, an imperfect girl... Welcome to my humble abode.

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